Yahoo Search Marketing is Rip off, and Story of Dumb Chinese Customer Support team in Ireland

By Ajay, Category: Yahoo Search Marketing, Date: March 19, 2008

Well all hell broke loose today when I called Yahoo Search Marketing Customer Support team today in the UK (thinking that they are in the UK) to find out why my ads are not approved even after 4 days of waiting.

There is hell lot of problems with crap Yahoo Search Marketing system. Its whole Editorial Guidelines is nonsense, rubbish and such pathetic that its own ENGLISH TRAINED DUMB Chinese can’t understand and explain to a rational human being.

I’ve been using Yahoo Search Marketing for quite some times and always it has been a pain. But in the past I didn’t deal with dumb Chinese customer support team.

Firstly they would not approve ads, next they will not provide any reason for decline. They would not reply to e-mails either. So you are left with last option to pickup phone and ring them thinking that someone in the UK will answer the call. I would expect the call to land in India but it lands in Ireland and guess what, it is full with Chinese.

If you are lucky and your call gets answered you will end up in explaining them what went wrong and their obvious answer would be to check with their colleague or it is an excuse to open up English dictionary and find out what to reply.

This time the dumb girl would not even listen to me and keep on speaking like trained parrot.

When I explained that the advertisement with same title and content is being displayed in UK by many other advertisers she would say to delete cookies to get rid of it, lol I never heard such dumb answer from any one in my whole life. I thought of snapping her neck for such answer but rather settled by slamming the phone.

This is not the end of pain with Yahoo Search Marketing, the keywords are highly priced, almost 10 times more than that of on Google AdWords or MS Adcenter.

Yahoo Search Marketing doesn’t display live data. You will see the reports only on next day.

It is slow.

It is no wonder that Yahoo is going to disappear sooner or later either being digested by Microsoft or simply collapses on its own.

P.S. How did I know the call center is full with Chinese without asking them? It is simple, the universal rule; they pronounce r as l.

What is youL account numbeL siL?

Even their automated answering machine speaks Chinese English.

Q. Why do they have call center in Ireland?

Ans: So that they can fool British that they provide Free phone number for customer support in the UK.

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