SEO – Guidelines for Title Tag

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SwamiSEO TitleThe title is the text which you see in the top left corner of browser.

In the web page’s source this tag will look like followings

<title>SEO, SEO Report, PPC, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, SEM, SMO, Internet Marketing | SwamiSEO</title>

Title tags are very important for Search Engine Optimization and shall not be ignored at all.

Guidelines for selecting good Title tag

  • Each page in the website must have unique title tag
  • Each title tag must contain the main keywords which are relevant for that page.

E.g. if the page is about Social Media Optimization then title tag must contain Social Media Optimization keyword in it.

  • If there are more than one keywords for a page then most important keywords can be included in the title tag.
  • The overall length of title tag should not exceed 120 characters as Google ignores any character after that. Theoretically you can have more characters in it but Google and other browsers will ignore them.
  • The home page of a website should contain the main categories or important keywords for the whole of website.
  • For the sub pages the main keywords should be on the beginning and main website name should be in the last
  • Any word in title tag shall not be repeated more than 2 times. You can combine 2 words to have different combinations.
  • Since the title tag contains main keywords for that page, make sure that these keywords are included in the Metatag keywords and also in the contents of that page.
  • If title words are not included in the metatag keywords and in content then better remove them. As it might be considered as spam since the title tag conveys the main content of that page.
  • Don’t use stop words such as followings. The list of stop word is huge. Stop words are ignored by search engines. No need to remember what are the stop words, just focus yourself on main keywords and you don’t have to worry about stop words.

Of, And, Or, About

Title Tag FAQs

1) I have an ecommerce website and I sell many products, how many keywords I can add in my home page title tag.

This is a very tricky situation. Some SEO pundits frown upon the idea of stuffing too many keywords in the title tag. The biggest challenge is with the home page where you would like to add as many keywords as possible as they all are relevant.

In such circumstances you should select only the most appropriate keywords which represent your business rather than worrying too much about the keywords themselves.

In the example website given above you can see I’ve selected a lot of keywords which are appropriate for my business. However some SEO gurus would consider it as too much but I don’t. All of the above keywords selected there represent my business and hence I’ve to include them in the title tag.

If I had included, lets say, just SEO keyword then it wouldn’t be sufficient as just SEO is not part of my main business.

Lets take another example of this very popular MLB blog. The title tag here is

MLB - Major League Baseball, American League, National League, News, Report and Betting

Which truely represents the nature of this blog as it offers MLB game coverage, news, betting.  Some might consider it as little too long but in my opinion it is well optimized for search engines as well as represent true nature of the blog. What if title tag was just MLB would that covey the true nature of this blog? No. Not it my opinion. In this case it would look like it is trying to establish itself as official MLB website.

Above are just some of suggestions for SEO and improving you rank to get you into Google top 10

How to Digg?

Category: Social Bookmarking - Ajay @ May 28, 2008 10:18 am is one of the best social bookmarking website. Though social bookmarking and digg-ing is pretty easy task, it can be tough learning experience for new comers.

Social bookmarking websites are useful for promoting your website or blogs.

Bookmarking is also useful for SEO to get higher ranking in search engines and to achieve Google Top 10 ranking.

In this tutorial I would try to provide a detailed step by step instruction on how to Digg.

Step 1 – Account Creation

Before you start digg-ing you need to create an account. It would be better if you use realistic names as this is all about social networking.

Once precaution to take about the social bookmarking websites is that you should remember your credential, if you looses them then you will end up in creating multiple accounts from same IP address which Social Bookmarking websites don’t like.

Step 2 – Account Verification

After account creation you need to verify the account.

Step 3 – Address Import

You will be asked to import the address, wither skip it or if you wish you can use it and proceed further.

Step 4 – Adding Bookmark

If the website which you are bookarking offer an icon/link to bookmark then it is easy, just click on that icon and enter the details and save it. All done.

Step 4 – Adding Bookmark – Manually

If the website does not have any icon or link to bookmark then you have to do it manually. To do so you need to click on “Submit New” link in the header, enter the details; URL of the news/articles or the web site’s URL which you want to bookmark, select the category from News Article/Image/Video and click on “Continue”. In the next window enter the Title & Description in your own words, select the topic category, enter the Captcha text and click on Submit Story.

The description part is tricky as Digg prompts for a good description which is convincing. So it may take a while before you pass through this step. You have to show your writing skills here 😉

Step 5 – If story is already submitted – Just DIGG it

If Digg prompts stating that story is already submitted then verify it and click on “I swear it is Original”.

If the story is indeed duplicate then you don’t need to submit it but instead you have to click on the yellow button marked DIGG and Digg it.

Importance of Landing Pages in SEO

Category: SEO - Ajay @ May 23, 2008 12:33 pm

Before you delve deeper in landing pages and SEO you should do home work to find out if you really need landing pages?

Following are some of the situations where you might think of going for landing pages.

1) Your main website doesn’t allow you to do much in Search Engine Optimization.
think of a website which is fully in flash with less text and flash are notorious for SEO.

2) Your main website offers more than 1 product/services with focus on one product/group of products/services and you wish to promote other sub-product/services.

Example could be you sell brand new laptops and wish to venture into selling refurbished laptops also then you might think of going for landing pages for refurbished laptops.

3) Pure sales/marketing pages
Such pages are purely for sales/marketing and are created for direct conversion.

4) Language specific pages
This category is also very popular whereas you don’t want to have a full language specific website and settle with landing pages

There are more situations than described above for which you might go for landing pages.

Okie once you decide to go for landing pages then you might think of following SEO techniques for SEO.

1) Don’t fall in trap for single page sales letters as they are popular in America. Rather go for at least 10 pages website with Contact us, about us, terms etc common pages to fill the quota of 10 pages/

2) Keep it simple keep it highly optimize for SEO, use all the SEO techniques which you have learned

3) Keep it focused for single product/services

4) Don’t copy content from your main website, write from scratch and write unique

5) You also need to go for full SEO services for it, viz. link building, search engine submission etc etc…

6) Don’t forget to get links pointing to your main website, after all that is the whole purpose of landing pages – to divert traffic to main website until n unless it is sales letter and you want to get the action on the landing page itself rather than driving traffic to your main website.

Landing pages could be very useful for SEO and to achieve Google top 10 Ranking in less time and effort.

3 Way Link Building!! Fraud?

Category: SEO - Ajay @ May 19, 2008 12:44 pm

Q: what is 3 way link building?

Answer: Stupidity

I often come across numerous unsolicited requests to go for 3 way link building. The content of these e-mails are same, which states hey I’ve put your link on website A and could you put my link for Website B on your website.

It seems there is no dearth of brainless people on this Earth who could do anything in the name of SEO.

First of all above is not a 3 way link building but a broad day light deception in the name of 2 way link building. And there are scores of people really believing it is going to work and they actually do such kind of 3 way link building.

The 3 way links, originally, meant to be something as

A=>B (A Links to B)

B=>C (B Links to C)

C=>A (C Links to A)

So overall A and C are linked but no direct link exchange.

I don’t see any benefit of the so called 3 way link exchange, it is as good as getting a link from any relevant page why we need to indulge in such complex relationship.

3 Way links don’t help at all in Search Engine Optimization and certainly you can’t get Google Top 10 ranking by 3 way link building.

Always rely on one way quality links coming from relevant content page.

Best Social Bookmarking Websites and their Ranking

Category: Social Bookmarking - Ajay @ May 9, 2008 9:50 pm

Following is the, ever growing, list of social bookmarking websites which come handy to promote your website/blogs/news site. This list would also be useful for SEO professionals who wish to get into Google top 10.
Mainly for Blogs/RSS and other news stories.
Wow!! it is really a cool new socialbokmarking site with innovative bookmarking style. I like it.
Seems to be good
It is all about blog, blog related news, stories and discussion.
Bumpzee is bumped, looks good.
Its forgot password, registration and other functionalities don’t work
Accepts only Internet Marketing and SEO related stories.
Accepts only tech stories.
Excellent UI, a true example of AJAX feature usage. It is more of a Social Networking rather than Social Bookmarking website.
Just born have to learn a lot, doesn’t show all stories, after 3-4 pages it goes blank
Just started, doesn’t look to be promising
Looks similar to plugim, a startup.
Always pops up with an annoying messages “OK! 1 sec … hold on”
I’m still trying to figure out what this website is all about.
Absolutely crap and collects all the garbage from the Internet. Avoid this website at all and don’t waste your time.
Just crap useless piece of junk. Avoid it. You crate account and then wait for ages before you can submit a new story. It seems some non-technical person has created it.

Defunct Social Bookmarking Websites
Error while login
Registration Error
Very intelligent and if it doesn’t like username then complains. Bookmarking feature can’t extract title tag. Just a moment.. I found that is no longer alive, so moving it to dead list.

Absolute Junk
You have to send them explaining them why do you want to join!!!

Finally SwamiRealty made it to the No. 1 on Google

Category: SEO - Ajay @ May 2, 2008 11:37 pm

SwamiRealtyIt was quite tough but I’m not the one to give up and finally I manage to make SwamiRealty to be No. 1 on Google for Realty Script and many other relevant keywords. It was quite tough competition and a continuous SEO work brings us wonderful result.

Now our target for SwamiRealty is to make it No. 1 for all possible Real Estate Script related keywords.

keyword real estate script is climbing slowly to the No. 1 and withing next month or so I’ll also make it to be No. 1 on Google.

Making SwamiRealty in Google Top 10 was quite a bit of work which involved massive effort in Search Engine Optimization, SMO and Web Promotion.

How to Social Bookmark?

Category: Social Bookmarking - Ajay @ May 1, 2008 10:23 pm

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the latest craze in cyber world, which is the cousin of social networking. Well, actually, both go hand in hand and are comrades in cyber-social revolution.

Have you ever wonder what these little icons are (see the little icons below this post) ?

These are called social bookmarking icons.

Social bookmarking is the same as you bookmark any website/page in your browser. The only difference is that social bookmarking is saved in a website and not on your local computer. So it doesn’t matter which computer you use, you always have your bookmarks available with you.

Another advantage of social bookmarking is that you never loose them even virus wipes out your computer. You always have them in your social bookmarking account which is always available on the Internet.

Why to Social Bookmark?

Answer is simple. We do social bookmarking to promote websites and achieve Google top 10 ranking. Social bookmarking is supplementary to overall SEO activities. However Social bookmarking is not all about Search Engine Optimization and certainly not the playing fields for SEO experts.

Social Bookmarking also reflects the latest in the world and what is happening all around the world. Well this statement might not be true as most of social bookmarking websites originate in USA so it is no wonder that story/news involving America will always be in top. Just browse through digg or any other famous social bookmarking website and you will see it by yourself.

Social Bookmarking Websites

There are plenty of them and they keep on appearing ever other day. Some of the most popular ones are present below this post.

How to Social bookmark?

In order to start social bookmarking you need to register with these websites, get your e-mail address verified and you are ready to start.

Next step is to add the website/web page in your social bookmarking account by clicking on these little icons if you can find on the website which you wish to bookmark.

Even if you don’t see icons on the website/web page, which you want to bookmark, you still can bookmark by logging into the social bookmarking websites, adding the website’s URL/Title, Description and any comments manually.

If the website/ web page is already bookmarked by someone else then you might not be able to bookmark it, in which case you can Vote for it by clicking on the available options which would be available against each of such bookmarks.

Clever Bookmarking

Remember these social websites are very choosy and play by their own rules and if you violate them your account will be closed immediately. Following are some of the precautions to take

1) Don’t bookmark useless website which is of no use to you or general public. However you can book mark them as private

2) Provide a useful comments. Comments like “Excellent” or “Awesome” are not appreciated.

3) Don’t spam. Don’t start bookmarking each and every page of the website.

4) Provide keyword/Tags/Labels etc while bookmarking. If there are categories/subcategories options available then use them.

Social Bookmarking and SEO

Social bookmarking plays an important role in SEO. Social Bookmarking is hot, popular and widely referenced not only by humans but also by other websites/spiders.

A clever bookmarking strategy can be helpful in achieving higher rank.

So what you are waiting for start clicking on these little icons and join the revolution.

How to promote Blog?

Category: Blog Promotion - Ajay @ April 24, 2008 11:19 am

So you have written a tantalizing blog and you dream it to be on the top of search results and you just though that it is going to happen automatically by grace of God?

You are wrong, publishing a blog doesn’t not necessarily always populate your blog on the Internet. You have to promote your blog in the same way as you do for any website.

Blog promotion involves SEO, SMO and other traditional Search Engine Optimization techniques to make your blog appear in Google top 10.

Feed what is this?

Each and every blog should have a feed/rss URL, which varies from one platform to another.

For blogspot the feed url can be obtained by simply adding atom.xml at the end of URL


If your blogspot URL is then the feed url for this blog would be

Once way to verify if you have got the correct feed url is to check the URL itself and you should see all the posts in that blog listed on one page. If you see error page then you have got it wrong.

You can also get the feed url from any feed burner tool.

Hunt for Blog Directories/RSS Networks

Next you need to find the list of various Blog Directories, RSS Networks and General Directories which accept Blogs. Not all the general directories accept Blog so submitting to them would be futile.

A comprehensive list of Blog Directories and RSS Networks can be fond on

Collect all the details

Before you start submitting your blog you need to keep ready the details which would be handy for you. In most case following information would be sufficient


URL of your blog as described above.


As described above


Title of the Blog, keep it coherent with the blog topics, keep it short

Keywords/Meta Keywords

List for keywords separated by commas which are suitable for your blog.

Description/Meta Description

Short/Long Description of your blog normally not more than 250/300 characters. Keep it attractive and don’t spam with keywords.

Other Details:

Name/First name/Last name

Address (City, state, Country and PIN/ZIP Code)

E-mail Address

Once you are ready with above start populating blog directories/rss network with your blog.


Some of the directories don’t accept a new blog, so if your blog is new then wait fro at least 10 days.

Some of the directories don’t accept a blog is no. of posts are less than 5-10 posts. So be on safe side add at least 10 posts on regular intervals before start submissions.

Have fun.

Best Article Websites

Category: SEO - Ajay @ April 10, 2008 6:40 pm

Article Writing is one of the many SEO techniques employed by Search Engine Optimization companies to get Google Top 10 Ranking. Article websites are ranked higher on search engines which further gives value to any link which you can get from these websites.

Following is the comprehensive list of the best article websites on Internet.

Articles Gala

This is one of the best article website. Articles Gala is hosted on a Class C network and Dedicated Class C IP address which offers the best benefit for SEO. It also offers deep link building, you can add up to 3 links in the article content.

This is the best article website. It offers html links in the body which no other Article website offers. It is flexible and approval rate is very high. It is fresh and ready to be come the No.1 Article Website.

Very good article website. It has been in the market for quite some time and also reputable.

This is not article website but can be used to post articles

How to find out which pages are indexed by search engines?

Category: SEO - Ajay @ February 3, 2008 11:33 pm

Keeping track of index pages is very important. If you have got less indexed pages than actual no. of pages in your website then you have an issue.

This also helps you in your overall SEO activities to achieve Google top 10 ranking.

To find out the indexed pages simply type following in a any search engine and it will display the number of indexed pages in your website.


Category: SEO - Ajay @ January 16, 2008 1:52 pm

mod_rewrite is one of the most famous URL manipulating module available in Apache web server.

One of the most common drawbacks of a language like PHP is its inability to generate SEO friendly URLs.

mod_rewrite is very useful for SEO and certainly required for any dynamic website in order to achieve Google Top 10 ranking.

Lets take an example.

The existing URL for a product on SwamiPC

could have been something

without mod_rewrite.

mod_rewrite modules gives flexibility to rewrite the URLs on fly.

It provides unlimited number of rewrite rules and not only that it also provide flexibility to implement mod_rewrite on directory/subdirectory (.htaccess) level or domain level (httpd.conf).

The most common method to implement mod_rewrite rule is in .htaccess as httpd.conf will normally not available to end users.

.htaccess also offers you to rewrite URLs in directory level.

mod_rewrite directives

Following are the most common mod_rewrite directives


Syntax: RewriteEngine on|off

This directive is used to switch mod_rewrite engine on or off


Syntax: RewriteOptions option

This directive is used to set some special options.


RewriteOptions MaxRedirects 19


Syntax: RewriteLog filepath

This directive is used to specify the log file for capturing mod_rewrite logs which comes handyduring debugging.


RewriteLog “/var/home/user/ajay/logs/rewritelog.log”


Syntax: RewriteRule pattern substitution

This is the most important directive which we look for. This directive is used to define rewrite rule.

It is defined per rule and can be used as many times as required.

pattern is a POSIX regular expression


URL Canonical Issues

Category: SEO - Ajay @ January 14, 2008 5:17 pm

URL Canonical Issues

A website can be accessed in many ways.



If a search engine gets more than once references/links etc from your internal pages or from external links then it may think that these websites are different and it may cause a lot of problems including most notorious Content Duplication.

How to find out if you have URL Canonicalization issue?

Type site: and site: and check if you get different sets of results which include both or more instances? If answer is yes then you are in trouble.

How to avoid URL Canonicalization?

Simple, always use one form of URL for website whenever you have to link it either internally or externally.

I personally prefer to avoid any clash with

Ain’t both domains same?

No both are not same.

The actual domain is

www is one of subdomain of

You can have as many subdomains as you want. Ex., and so on.

You must avoid URL Canonicalization at any cost and it must be included in your SEO to do lists. Without it you might find hard to get into Google top 10 ranking.

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