How to Digg?

By Ajay, Category: Social Bookmarking, Date: May 28, 2008 is one of the best social bookmarking website. Though social bookmarking and digg-ing is pretty easy task, it can be tough learning experience for new comers.

Social bookmarking websites are useful for promoting your website or blogs.

Bookmarking is also useful for SEO to get higher ranking in search engines and to achieve Google Top 10 ranking.

In this tutorial I would try to provide a detailed step by step instruction on how to Digg.

Step 1 – Account Creation

Before you start digg-ing you need to create an account. It would be better if you use realistic names as this is all about social networking.

Once precaution to take about the social bookmarking websites is that you should remember your credential, if you looses them then you will end up in creating multiple accounts from same IP address which Social Bookmarking websites don’t like.

Step 2 – Account Verification

After account creation you need to verify the account.

Step 3 – Address Import

You will be asked to import the address, wither skip it or if you wish you can use it and proceed further.

Step 4 – Adding Bookmark

If the website which you are bookarking offer an icon/link to bookmark then it is easy, just click on that icon and enter the details and save it. All done.

Step 4 – Adding Bookmark – Manually

If the website does not have any icon or link to bookmark then you have to do it manually. To do so you need to click on “Submit New” link in the header, enter the details; URL of the news/articles or the web site’s URL which you want to bookmark, select the category from News Article/Image/Video and click on “Continue”. In the next window enter the Title & Description in your own words, select the topic category, enter the Captcha text and click on Submit Story.

The description part is tricky as Digg prompts for a good description which is convincing. So it may take a while before you pass through this step. You have to show your writing skills here 😉

Step 5 – If story is already submitted – Just DIGG it

If Digg prompts stating that story is already submitted then verify it and click on “I swear it is Original”.

If the story is indeed duplicate then you don’t need to submit it but instead you have to click on the yellow button marked DIGG and Digg it.

5 Responses to “How to Digg?”

  1. chyneclicks wrote:

    it made my sign up easy in this tips you shared.thanks!!


  2. SEMI wrote:


    good post. I like your post.


  3. ronnywrite wrote:

    nice..but how to submit our website in Digg?I am trying but no submitted.
    Plz tell me..


    Ajay Reply:

    Digg has suspended new submissions as they are going through a major update. I doubt that they will allow user submissions again.

    Digg is dead dude, move on. Try Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit (next one to die). etc.

    Or create your own bookmarking site as most of them will suck at some point of time and they delete all your account and submissions at some point of time.


  4. ronnywrite wrote:

    thanks for reply..


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