How to add Social Bookmarking icons in your blog/page?

By Ajay, Category: Social Bookmarking, Date: April 9, 2008

Social bookmarking is one of the quickest way to popularize your website without bothering much about SEO. Social bookmarking is very popular at present and given the trend it is going to stay for long time till we replace it with some new evolved Internet revolution. It is supplementary to SEO and certainly it can’t totally replace Search Engine Optimization to achieve Google top 10 ranking.

There are plenty of methods available to add social bookmarking icons into your blog/website/web pages. Here is the once which I follow and it is the fastest for me.

Step 1) Visit any website which has the bookmarking icons on it. You can find the code on this post itself

Step 2) View Source, copy & paste the source code for bookmarking tools into notepad or any text editor (I use textpad).

Find the URL, Title and description tags and replace it with your title and description. For this you need to do a global search and replace. This is the most complex part as you need to take care of the space and any other special characters to be replaced by their ASCII Code.

Step 3) Visit the image folders and download all icons and specify the image path folder in the code.

From this link you can download all images

thats it

Seems much of work but it is fastest way to do. In any text pad you can do global search and replace and it will work like a charm.

Alternatively wait till I make such free tool 🙂 which would make your life much easier.

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