Best Social Bookmarking Websites and their Ranking

By Ajay, Category: Social Bookmarking, Date: May 9, 2008

Following is the, ever growing, list of social bookmarking websites which come handy to promote your website/blogs/news site. This list would also be useful for SEO professionals who wish to get into Google top 10.
Mainly for Blogs/RSS and other news stories.
Wow!! it is really a cool new socialbokmarking site with innovative bookmarking style. I like it.
Seems to be good
It is all about blog, blog related news, stories and discussion.
Bumpzee is bumped, looks good.
Its forgot password, registration and other functionalities don’t work
Accepts only Internet Marketing and SEO related stories.
Accepts only tech stories.
Excellent UI, a true example of AJAX feature usage. It is more of a Social Networking rather than Social Bookmarking website.
Just born have to learn a lot, doesn’t show all stories, after 3-4 pages it goes blank
Just started, doesn’t look to be promising
Looks similar to plugim, a startup.
Always pops up with an annoying messages “OK! 1 sec … hold on”
I’m still trying to figure out what this website is all about.
Absolutely crap and collects all the garbage from the Internet. Avoid this website at all and don’t waste your time.
Just crap useless piece of junk. Avoid it. You crate account and then wait for ages before you can submit a new story. It seems some non-technical person has created it.

Defunct Social Bookmarking Websites
Error while login
Registration Error
Very intelligent and if it doesn’t like username then complains. Bookmarking feature can’t extract title tag. Just a moment.. I found that is no longer alive, so moving it to dead list.

Absolute Junk
You have to send them explaining them why do you want to join!!!

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  1. Heath wrote:

    I would add to that list, its a pretty big Social Bookmarking site with 15,000+ members, and tens of thousands of submissions already. Clean simple layout, easy navigation, quick and easy submissions.Many categories to suite a variety of niches across the net.

    Check it out.


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