3 Way Link Building!! Fraud?

By Ajay, Category: SEO, Date: May 19, 2008

Q: what is 3 way link building?

Answer: Stupidity

I often come across numerous unsolicited requests to go for 3 way link building. The content of these e-mails are same, which states hey I’ve put your link on website A and could you put my link for Website B on your website.

It seems there is no dearth of brainless people on this Earth who could do anything in the name of SEO.

First of all above is not a 3 way link building but a broad day light deception in the name of 2 way link building. And there are scores of people really believing it is going to work and they actually do such kind of 3 way link building.

The 3 way links, originally, meant to be something as

A=>B (A Links to B)

B=>C (B Links to C)

C=>A (C Links to A)

So overall A and C are linked but no direct link exchange.

I don’t see any benefit of the so called 3 way link exchange, it is as good as getting a link from any relevant page why we need to indulge in such complex relationship.

3 Way links don’t help at all in Search Engine Optimization and certainly you can’t get Google Top 10 ranking by 3 way link building.

Always rely on one way quality links coming from relevant content page.

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  1. Kush wrote:

    Thank for this article.


  2. Flash Designing wrote:

    I have a question, if in B site we find the link of A site and B site request to A site to put the link of C site, then we see no linking between B and C, IS THIS PROCESS IS 3 WAY? IF NOT THEN WHY?


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