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By Ajay, Category: SEO, Date: July 11, 2008

URL of a website is very important not only for business branding but also for Search Engine Optimization. With the popularity of Internet and booming online business there is now acute shortage of right and relevant urls. Selecting right url is becoming more complicated. In this post I would describe some of the points which you should consider while selecting right URL.

The points below are based on my own personal experience and don’t serve as an Industry standard.

Following are some of the guidelines which one shall follow while selecting relevant URL.

The URLs are case insensitive, the capital letters used in the example URLs are just for better readability.

1. The URL must contain the main keyword. A website containing the main keyword has higher chances of getting higher ranks on Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines.

Example: If we have to get an URL for a Web Design related website then we must get URL with Web Design in it. Prefixing/suffixing with another relevant keyword might be a good idea.

2. Main keyword must be in the URL

3. URL shall not be too long. There is no rule for how many characters we can have in the URL. It is depends on common sense. is certainly not a good URL.

4. If possible keep the Main keyword in the beginning of URL

E.g. is better than

5. If your business is focused to certain countries then you must get country level domains rather than relying on .com provided that .com is not available. Still most of people prefer to have .com domain even if their business is focused on a specific country. As per my observation a country level domain is much more powerful than .com domain.

6. If plain URLs are not available then try to get URLs with hyphen in it

E.g. However don’t add more than 1 or 2 hyphens in URL

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  1. Cholestatrim wrote:

    Am a regular watcher of your blog. As am a new guy into SEO and all I tried a lot on SEO work with your very informative article. Now I just want to change my blog into domain hosting and with a meaningful url with keywords.


  2. Camid Studios wrote:

    Mostly intutive however bullet 6 we think should be emphasized most. We recently wrote a similar article on how hyphenated domains are the new generations way of stepping in the door. Google seems to not discredit hyphenated domains, and actually interpret them as spaces. We discuss how one should make their domain at least three of their keywords no matter how awkward it sounds, and purchase a second domain for your business cards and practical uses. Links to your site will be copied and you will get all current rankings.


  3. sindhu wrote:

    You have briefed us about SEO nicely. Importance of keywords is highlighted.


  4. fashion trends wrote:

    URL is very important cos it is a link. It is helpful for short cut link.


  5. Paul Griffiths wrote:

    Some useful points but I would like to add another reason that falls a little outside of SEO.

    Not everybody bookmarks pages and an memorable URL that summarises your offering is more likely to be remembered than something that is a bit off the wall.

    Keep blogging!

    Kind Regards,



  6. chinamisu wrote:

    Your blog is so informative ?keep up the good work!!!!


  7. Jennie Wilson wrote:

    Great Advice,
    I really thanks to you explain
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    explain the url must contain high keywords,
    because a website contain keywords has higher
    chances of getting higher rank on Google,Yahoo,
    MSN and other Search Engines.your post is so
    helpful and informative.
    Again thanks,


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  9. serg wrote:

    Great post. Interesing information about SEO – Selecting right URL


  10. Multimedia Development Company wrote:

    Hi Ajay,really a great post. You have described all the main seo point in a very prescribed manner.


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