Importance of Landing Pages in SEO

By Ajay, Category: SEO, Date: May 23, 2008

Before you delve deeper in landing pages and SEO you should do home work to find out if you really need landing pages?

Following are some of the situations where you might think of going for landing pages.

1) Your main website doesn’t allow you to do much in Search Engine Optimization.
think of a website which is fully in flash with less text and flash are notorious for SEO.

2) Your main website offers more than 1 product/services with focus on one product/group of products/services and you wish to promote other sub-product/services.

Example could be you sell brand new laptops and wish to venture into selling refurbished laptops also then you might think of going for landing pages for refurbished laptops.

3) Pure sales/marketing pages
Such pages are purely for sales/marketing and are created for direct conversion.

4) Language specific pages
This category is also very popular whereas you don’t want to have a full language specific website and settle with landing pages

There are more situations than described above for which you might go for landing pages.

Okie once you decide to go for landing pages then you might think of following SEO techniques for SEO.

1) Don’t fall in trap for single page sales letters as they are popular in America. Rather go for at least 10 pages website with Contact us, about us, terms etc common pages to fill the quota of 10 pages/

2) Keep it simple keep it highly optimize for SEO, use all the SEO techniques which you have learned

3) Keep it focused for single product/services

4) Don’t copy content from your main website, write from scratch and write unique

5) You also need to go for full SEO services for it, viz. link building, search engine submission etc etc…

6) Don’t forget to get links pointing to your main website, after all that is the whole purpose of landing pages – to divert traffic to main website until n unless it is sales letter and you want to get the action on the landing page itself rather than driving traffic to your main website.

Landing pages could be very useful for SEO and to achieve Google top 10 Ranking in less time and effort.

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