Importance of alt tag in SEO

By Ajay, Category: SEO, Date: January 1, 2008

Dear friends, take my advice, never underestimate the power of alt tag for images.

Alt tags carry the same importance for images as links carry for texts. If you are aware of SEO and want to get into Google top 10 then you must always use ALT tags for images.

Search engines are blind and they can’t recognize the images if it was not the text describing the images. And how do you describe the images? By image name? Well Image name might be helpful but it is the alt tag which is picked up by the search engines and that is why I said in opening sentence to never underestimate them.

A brief description of the image is what shall go in the alt tag.

Lets take an example on this link

On this page you can see the gaming pc image shakuni.jpg. If you see the source you will find the alt tag

alt = “Shakuni – Gaming PC” which is more than sufficient to provide a search engine is that it can be shown when people search for a gaming pc.

But do not try to spam this feature, big brothers are watching (you know what I mean 🙂 )

Happy alt-ing

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    Thanks a lot, I wasn’t sure about the alt tag importance.


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