Finally SwamiRealty made it to the No. 1 on Google

By Ajay, Category: SEO, Date: May 2, 2008

SwamiRealtyIt was quite tough but I’m not the one to give up and finally I manage to make SwamiRealty to be No. 1 on Google for Realty Script and many other relevant keywords. It was quite tough competition and a continuous SEO work brings us wonderful result.

Now our target for SwamiRealty is to make it No. 1 for all possible Real Estate Script related keywords.

keyword real estate script is climbing slowly to the No. 1 and withing next month or so I’ll also make it to be No. 1 on Google.

Making SwamiRealty in Google Top 10 was quite a bit of work which involved massive effort in Search Engine Optimization, SMO and Web Promotion.

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