Dutch Social Bookmarking Sites

By Ajay, Category: Multilingual SEO, Date: November 29, 2009

Following is the list of good Dutch Social Bookmarking Sites.

There are not many Dutch social bookmarking sites but I’ll keep adding more as I come across them.

1) http://tagmos.nl

2) http://www.ekudos.nl

3) http://nujij.nl

4) http://reporter.msn.nl

Yet to be confirmed if it is social bookmarking site or something like Yahoo buzz.

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10 Responses to “Dutch Social Bookmarking Sites”

  1. Sumit from amsterdam wrote:

    nice lists and really will help us for bookmark our favourites for pure dutch site


  2. Suriname vakantie wrote:



  3. suffia wrote:

    hi, i need to get Bookmark my site and submit them for my site irtouring.com can one recommend me how is the way


  4. Geoff wrote:

    Bookmark is very social and easyway to run free traffic on the site


  5. webprit wrote:


    Nice topic. Its very nice list of good Dutch Social Bookmarking Sites.

    Thank U.


  6. Timothy White wrote:

    You can also submit to the sociopost.com
    Nice site i bookmark each and every link here.


  7. Playa Del Carmen wrote:

    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for sharing these bookmarks, I believe, these are very helpful for people that are running home based businesses.

    Thanks once again



  8. Rahul solanki wrote:

    Pyaaza.com is a Band New social bookmarking site.Just submit your Bookmarks to pyaaza.com and get thousands of visitors to your websites and blogs


  9. Pratik Singh wrote:


    I need some more nl social bookmarking sites.
    Please help


  10. allen wrote:

    I need some dutch language travel websites for 3-way link exchange.



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