How to track email campaign using Google Analytics

By Ajay, Category: Google Analytics, Date: November 22, 2009

Ever wonder how to track email campaigns in Google Analytics? It is very simple. All you need is some extra bit of tracking code which you need to add in email campaign.

Following is the format of link code

Replace with the website which you wish to track.You can even specify any subpage of your website here.

Also repalce the red marked text with your own text.

The explaination of these tags are given below:

Campaign Source – utm_source
This is the source of email campaign. If you are using any 3rd party mailing software such as phplist then to identify it make it phplist or whatever.

Campaign Medium – utm_medium
: This is the medium of campaign. Since you are tracking e-mails, it is better to identify it as email.

Campaign Name – utm_campaign
This identifies your campaign name.

5 Responses to “How to track email campaign using Google Analytics”

  1. SEO Chilli wrote:

    Can you explain what is %2B ?


    Ajay Reply:

    That is HTML code for space. If you are having space in your phrase then you will have to repalce space with %2B.


  2. Pavan wrote:


    Is it possible to get small sample project where a campaign is create and added to google analytics to track the details?



  3. Pavan wrote:

    The url/pages which contains campaign details are physical pages inside the application?



  4. chirag shah wrote:

    hello ii want to know where to put this code on email

    i have one html page email where to put this code

    reply asap


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