Direcotry Submission

Directory submission is one of the first step towards external link building and very important in Search Engine Optimization. However it is not absolutely free of controversy.

Question: Are directory submissions any good?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Are there any good directories?
Answer: Yes but rare.

Question: Should I submit websites only to high PR directories?
Answer: This is one of the dumbest question I ever come across. There is no such thing as high PR directory.

The PR is one of the most misunderstood concept in SEO world and it seems more we try to explain it worse it gets in terms of clearing doubts.

As far as PR and directories are concerned the PR of a directory is only for the home page and a directory doesn’t not necessarily has all the pages with same high PR. Your website will be listed on one of those sub pages and hence wouldn’t benefit from the high PR (home page) of directory.

DMOZ – The grand daddy of directories

DMOZ need no introduction. Good news is it is still alive and being scrapped/used by plenty of other web sites which keep on scrapping its pages. The bad news is it is being hijacked by SEO vultures. And the worst news is that you can’t get your submissions approved any more.

However we shall not loose hope and try our best who know we are lucky ones.

Submitting to DMOZ requires a bit of skills and shall be done with utmost care.

Yahoo Directory – Money making machine

Yahoo directory is not free and you have to spent huge sum of money. I couldn’t recommend submitting to Yahoo directory un till and unless you are a large establishment and can easily afford it.

Free Internet Directories

There are approximately 2000+ odd free one way directories and this is the area where expert directory submitters like us come into existence. Submitting to directory is not simple task and requires a lot of patience, perseverance, dedication and skills.

Auto submissions vs. Manual submissions

Auto submissions might get your website banned.by Google. Reason is simple. You launched your website today and you have 0 back links and by the end of next day you get hundreds of back link which is suicide. Never do automatic submissions. However be careful with SEO sharks offering you manual submissions which turns out to be automatic submissions behind the curtain.

Many of my clients have complained that they got banned or ranked lower despite having huge amount of back links (built overnight in hope to get into Google Top 10 quickly). I’m not surprised to see why it happened to them.

Manual submissions are the only way out of it.

How to submit website to free Internet directories

Basically you need to have following information handy before you shall start submitting website to directories

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keywords
  4. E-mail – this must be in same domain.as your website
  5. Account Creation – Some of directories require you to create account, you should have details ready in advance to speed up directory submission

Directory submission is very simple and laborious process. If done carefully it can give you higher ranking on Google. however if you are not 100% sure what you are doing then you should think of getting an affordable directory submission services from experts.