List of best Blog Directories, RSS Networks and Ping Servers

By Ajay, Category: Blog Promotion, Date: April 24, 2008

Following is the list of Blog Directories and RSS Networks with feedback/comments and ranking. I’ve listed only very high quality blog directories/RSS Networks. All the useless/defunct/dead directories are in the last section.

At no. 1 is Technorati, it is still the best and most popular way to promote your blog. You can claim as many blogs as you wish from the same account. They have Authority system which they calculate based on various criteria. You can find more information on Technorati Aughtority from their website.

Doesn’t accept new Blogs. You can claim as many blog as you want. They take ages to approve a blog if it is unpaid. It offers a widget which is a nice feature and can be on this website. Also accepts paid services to make your blog listed in featured blog for the purchased categories which is useless feature. I got more views with free listed blog than the paid ones.

However if you are desperate to get your blog listed there then obviously you have to sponsor a category and get approved immediately.

Just Blog submission and not other services. You can submit one blog per account.

Zimbio is a new concept, it is purely gossip website with big big pics of attractive women and in the background they have mix of blog and articles.

You can create your own wikizines but wait for ages to get it come out of draft state.

You can promote you posts and it gets indexed. The only cause of concerned would be duplicate content if you know what does it mean.


Blog directory

Blog submission, a reciprocal link is required.

Reciprocal blog submission directory, requires a lengthy and cumbersome form to be submitted, so before submitting get your details ready. You need to know a little bit of html to add their link back to your blog.


Doesn’t accept blog less than 3 months old and submission to it is quite daunting task.


Looks quite promising as its PR is high but still in beta phase.


kool, trying to mimic blogspot.

Looks to be okie,

Blog directory, one way submission, still in beta stage

Part of Jayde network, it is blog submission website.
It is a blog directory.

Very good, also provides ping server.

Simple feed submission. Business Blogs Requires more posts – Blog and News Directory – Doesn’t accept blog less than 3 months old.
Doesn’t accept blog less than 3 months old and asks for money after rejecting.

See their comment below. May be I’m too harsh towards them, it is just my opinion, I’m champion of free world and a socialist, any mention of money turns me off. – In the confirmation e-mail they sell wordpress themes.

A simple blog directory.


Only accepts Law blogs.
It just shows the trend/posts from a blog and doesn’t allow any blog submissions as such. – Accepts News Related Feeds Only

Simple phpLD based directory accepting reciprocal and paid submissions, useless.

Simple blog directory.

Country/Location Specific – Fillipino – Accepts only Singapore related blogs – USA Blogs only seems to be useless

Reciprocal – Asks for 2 reciprocal links/buttons

Paid Blog Directories – It is paid, rejects all submissions and asks for payment. – Paid, rejects all submissions and asks for payment.

Too costly

Defunct Blog Directories, either dead or don’t work or useless
Doesn’t accept new Blogs. Offers a number of features, quizzes, Polls etc. You can add multiple blogs, often dead.
Not so good, can be ignored. – Registration crashes the browser
This doesn’t accept blogs but it is for getting your feed on one page.

Blog directory and useless, never accepts any blog submission.

can’t see any link to submit blog

Doesn’t accept easily, useless

Doesn’t accept any blog submission? – Useless

Ping Servers

Ping servers provide automatic update of your posts. Enter the following servers in your blog’s Ping server settings.

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  1. wrote:

    Just wanted to know where it was you got your information regarding Bloggapedia
    ‘asking for money after rejecting’ a blog submission??
    We don’t ask for money from anyone, ever. Submissions are free, though we do offer featured link status for a yearly subscription.
    And yes, the minor criteria that a blog be ACTIVE for at least three months before submitting is to help ensure we populate our directory with viable blogs that are kept up to date. We don’t want to offer a site full of defunct blogs any more than a visitor would like to utilize a site that is full of defunct blogs.

    A truly human edited directory has criteria that ensure a good end product. We pride ourselves in presenting the best of the best of the blogosphere and again, we do NOT ‘ask for money’ at any point in the submission process – rejected blog or otherwise.


  2. Jesse wrote:

    A great list of blog directories which wil useful for all blog promoters.

    thanks forit


  3. ooopinionsss wrote:

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!


  4. Jimmy S wrote:

    Don’t forget the popular website ping server.


  5. Thomas wrote:

    Great list of ping sites. Although, I have been using to automatically ping my blog to all of the directories.


  6. outsource search engine optimization wrote:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice list with us..If you have any more List of best Blog Directories, RSS Networks and Ping Servers please share with us here


  7. Fernando Reich wrote:

    I recommend because is the only Web service which offers a completely automatic ping service for Blogger


  8. Video Ranker wrote:

    I use the WP plug-in ‘smart update pinger’ and noticed some of my rss feed don’t get accepted and some do. it will be interesting to see how many of the rss feeds past muster moving forward.


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