How to promote Blog?

By Ajay, Category: Blog Promotion, Date: April 24, 2008

So you have written a tantalizing blog and you dream it to be on the top of search results and you just though that it is going to happen automatically by grace of God?

You are wrong, publishing a blog doesn’t not necessarily always populate your blog on the Internet. You have to promote your blog in the same way as you do for any website.

Blog promotion involves SEO, SMO and other traditional Search Engine Optimization techniques to make your blog appear in Google top 10.

Feed what is this?

Each and every blog should have a feed/rss URL, which varies from one platform to another.

For blogspot the feed url can be obtained by simply adding atom.xml at the end of URL


If your blogspot URL is then the feed url for this blog would be

Once way to verify if you have got the correct feed url is to check the URL itself and you should see all the posts in that blog listed on one page. If you see error page then you have got it wrong.

You can also get the feed url from any feed burner tool.

Hunt for Blog Directories/RSS Networks

Next you need to find the list of various Blog Directories, RSS Networks and General Directories which accept Blogs. Not all the general directories accept Blog so submitting to them would be futile.

A comprehensive list of Blog Directories and RSS Networks can be fond on

Collect all the details

Before you start submitting your blog you need to keep ready the details which would be handy for you. In most case following information would be sufficient


URL of your blog as described above.


As described above


Title of the Blog, keep it coherent with the blog topics, keep it short

Keywords/Meta Keywords

List for keywords separated by commas which are suitable for your blog.

Description/Meta Description

Short/Long Description of your blog normally not more than 250/300 characters. Keep it attractive and don’t spam with keywords.

Other Details:

Name/First name/Last name

Address (City, state, Country and PIN/ZIP Code)

E-mail Address

Once you are ready with above start populating blog directories/rss network with your blog.


Some of the directories don’t accept a new blog, so if your blog is new then wait fro at least 10 days.

Some of the directories don’t accept a blog is no. of posts are less than 5-10 posts. So be on safe side add at least 10 posts on regular intervals before start submissions.

Have fun.

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