German Directory Submission Services

Category: Multilingual SEO, Date: March 25, 2011

We have added German Directory Submission FAQ section on our website.

Swedish Directory Submission Services

Category: Regional Directory Submission, Date: November 8, 2010

We are happy to announce the launch of Swedish Directory Submission Services.

Google Analytics – How to export more than 500 rows of report data?

Category: Google Analytics, Date: June 2, 2010

Speeding Up Your Web Site

Category: SEO, Date: December 21, 2009

Some good resources on speeding up website

Dutch Social Bookmarking Sites

Category: Multilingual SEO, Date: November 29, 2009

List of Dutch Social Bookmarking Sites, Tagmos, eKudos, Nujij and other social bookmarking sites.

Google Analytics banned in Germany

Category: Google Analytics, Date: November 25, 2009

Not yet but it might be real soon. Many German local government officials are thinking to ban usage of Google Analytics in Germany. They claim that Google collects user data without their consent. If their plan goes ahead they will impose ban and penalized any companies trying to collect data by using Google Analytics. So […]

How to track email campaign using Google Analytics

Category: Google Analytics, Date: November 22, 2009

Ever wonder how to track email campaigns in Google Analytics? It is very simple. All you need is some extra bit of tracking code which you need to add in email campaign. Following is the format of link code Replace with the website which you wish to track.You can even specify any subpage […]

How Squidoo can be helpful in Link Building

Category: Squidoo, Date: November 8, 2009

Squidoo is a website where people around the world can share information related to a specific topic. Unlike Wikipedia, these Squidoo ‘lenses’ are made by regular uses which want to review, create a how to or just want to talk about an something. Many businesses and website owners use Squidoo to build back links to […]

How to make money from your Blog

Category: Blog Promotion, Date: July 30, 2008

Before I delve deeper into the art, rather science, of converting you blog into a money making machine I would like to clear up some of the most misunderstood concepts in making money with blogs You can make millions from you blog but only in your wildest dreams, so dream on…. With Google Adsense even […]

SEO – Guidelines for Title Tag

Category: SEO, Date: July 14, 2008

The title is the text which you see in the top left corner of browser. In the web page’s source this tag will look like followings <title>SEO, SEO Report, PPC, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, SEM, SMO, Internet Marketing | SwamiSEO</title> Title tags are very important for Search Engine Optimization and shall not be […]

SEO – Selecting right URL

Category: SEO, Date: July 11, 2008

URL of a website is very important not only for business branding but also for Search Engine Optimization. With the popularity of Internet and booming online business there is now acute shortage of right and relevant urls. Selecting right url is becoming more complicated. In this post I would describe some of the points which […]

How to Digg?

Category: Social Bookmarking, Date: May 28, 2008 is one of the best social bookmarking website. Though social bookmarking and digg-ing is pretty easy task, it can be tough learning experience for new comers. Social bookmarking websites are useful for promoting your website or blogs. Bookmarking is also useful for SEO to get higher ranking in search engines and to achieve Google […]

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